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The pasta factory "La Pasta S.r.l." is a dynamic artisan company, projected into the future based in Cervia Milano Marittima in the province of Ravenna in the heart of the Romagna Riviera, which produces high quality fresh frozen pasta in a newly built laboratory.


Our production consists of long pasta, short pasta, stuffed pasta, all rigorously handcrafted, all produced in Italy with exclusively Italian products.

We have paid the utmost attention to the quality of the raw materials, and to the production process to guarantee the safety and hygiene of the product with the application of innovative technologies.


The choice of the best Italian durum wheat flour and semolina and the careful selection of raw materials of Italian origin (PDO reggiano parmiggiano and Italian ricotta, the precious Italian sweet salt from Cervia, the 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, meats of Italian origin) is the first and fundamental moment of preparation.

The use of as many as 8 eggs per kg of flour, the use of BRONZE FINISHES and the respect of the most ancient EMILIANA ROMAGNOLA culinary tradition, allow us to obtain the best possible combination to obtain flavor, taste, aroma and good hold in cooking.


We have chosen to freeze fresh pasta because we consider it the best method of preservation because it allows us to reach -18 ° at the heart of the product in a very short time and to guarantee its shelf life for 18 months without the use of additives and preservatives.


At the time of consumption, the pasta is perfectly intact in its taste and its nutritional properties.

Our main brand is "Pastificio Artigianale Donna Elisa" which guarantees high quality products, completely natural and constantly and meticulously controlled, to guarantee a healthy and genuine product.

Our organization allows us great production flexibility and the possibility of producing Private Label Brands.


Our logistics allow us to manage orders on time with shipments to Italy and abroad, punctuality is our priority.


Our Products

Potato Gnocchi

CAPPELLETTI whit CHEESE Frozen Fresh Filled Pasta

Sedanini all'Uovo EN

Pappardelle EN


Gramigna Paglia e Fieno EN

Spaghetti alla Chitarra EN

RAVIOLI with FISH two color Frozen Fresh Filled Pasta

Garganelli Romagnoli EN

Tagliatelle Caserecce EN

Cappellaccio Verde con Borragine EN

Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci EN

Girasole Ripieno con Burrata Pugliese EN

Ravioli Rosa Ricotta Radicchio EN

Margherita di Pesce EN

Ravioli verdi al formaggio EN

Mezzelune ai Funghi EN

Ravioli rosa con ricotta fresca di bufala EN


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Vito Area Manager Montaletto of Cervia, Emilia Romagna, Italy Mobile: +39 3450328142

Elisa Orders Montaletto of Cervia, Emilia Romagna, Italy Mobile: +39 3924356841

Telephone: +39 0544975416

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